Sears - Baseball Game Canadian Version

Game:  Baseball Game
Company:  Sears
Model No.:  917931
Power: 1 9-volt battery

Notes:  This is a very simplistic game.  The lights blink and the play button is pressed to show the outcome.  The player then manually indicates base runners and changes the score, as necessary.  This game is much smaller than it may appear in the photos and is actually smaller than a postcard.

Sears licensed this game from Bandai and the Bandai logo is imprinted on the back of the game.  The company Leisure Dynamics of Canada is also listed on the back of the box.  One can only assume they had some role in getting this game to market but, who knows.

Recognize the batter depicted on the front of the box?  That is clearly Hall of Famer Rod Carew and it does not seem like the artist did much to obscure his identity.  Not surprisingly, there is no mention of Carew having endorsed the game or any indication that Bandai/Sears had a license from the MLB or MLBPA that allowed them to use Carew's likeness.

The game itself is slightly different than the one pictured on the back of the box in that the sticker at the top of the actual game identifies Sears more clearly and the path that leads from the pitcher's mound to home plate is black, not orange, on the actual game.

Bilingual instructions are found on the bottom of the game.

Same game as the U.S. Version.

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