Master Hand Held Game Checklist

Here is the master electronic hand held/tabletop game checklist.

This is a work in progress and if there are any missing games or information you can provide to help fill this in, please let me know!

2Electronic Competition II BaseballAHI
3BaseballAmico2025Small/Similar to Bandai
4BaseballBandai7931Small - without base indicator slide levers - Rod Carew painting on box - two box sizes
5BaseballBandai7931Small - with base indicator slide levers
6Miracle BaseballBandai8010
7Pro-Action BaseballCaprice11
8Strategy BaseballCaprice11
9Baseball Game/CalculatorCasioBB-9T
10Baseball Game/CalculatorCasioBB-10
11Baseball Game/CalculatorCasioBB-101Japan only?
12Head-to-Head BaseballColeco2180Vintage
13Head-to-Head BaseballColecoRe-issue/different model
14Quiz Wiz (Vintage) Coleco17Baseball Cart
16Electronic BaseballEntex8001
17Electronic BaseballEntexCanadian Version
18Baseball 2Entex6002
19Baseball 2EntexCanadian Version
20Baseball 3Entex6007
21Baseball 3Entex6007Canadian Version
22Baseball 4 / Select A GameEntex6032Cartridge  
23Hip Pocket BaseballEntex6100Black
24Electro Baseball (Hip Pocket)EntexBlack/Canadian Version
25Hip Pocket BaseballEntexWhite
26Baseball Digit-Com 9Epoch7960
28Tri-1 (Baseball is one of games)Fonas T-600
29Baseball 3 Four-Star
30Mr. BaseballGaloob4 Player Pieces Incl.
31MVP BaseballGaloob3 Player Pieces Incl.
32Instant Replay BaseballGaloob
33Electronic Sports Center House of Games2009Baseball overlay
35Electronic Stadium BaseballLJNMicro Elec/4 Button
36Electronic card gameMain Street Baseball15100
38BaseballMattelReconditioned Game/Box/Instructions
39Classic BaseballMattel43386Re-issue
40World Championship BaseballMattel3201
41Pulsonic IMegoBrown
42Pulsonic IIMegoGreen 
43BaseballMicro Electronics9003Smaller handheld
44BaseballMicro Electronics/LJN56-301-065 Button
45BaseballMicro Electronics/LJN56-303-064 Button
46MicrovisionMilton BradleyC4063Baseball cart (Canadian)
47MicrovisionMilton Bradley4063Baseball cart
48Baseball watchNelsonic 
49Starting Lineup Talking BaseballParker Bros.
50Hall of Fame CartParker Bros.
51Tigers/Blue Jays/Indians/Brewers CartParker Bros.4001
52Yankees/Red Sox/Orioles CartParker Bros.4002
53Royals/White Sox/Rangers/Twins CartParker Bros.4003
54Angels/A's/Mariners CartParker Bros.4004
55Cubs/Expos/Cardinals CartParker Bros.4005
56Pirates/Phillies/Mets CartParker Bros.4006
57Giants/Padres/Dodgers CartParker Bros.4007
58Reds/Astros/Braves CartParker Bros.4008
592 Player Baseball ProballFonas
60Computer BaseballRegencyRG-89
612 Player Baseball SearsFonas
627-In-1 Sports (Incl. Baseball Overlay)Sears49-23746Tiger
63Baseball 2SearsEntex 2 Canadian
64Electronic BaseballSearsSmall/Bandai
65Offense Defense Electronic BaseballSearsEntex 2 with modified case
66Digital DiamondSears49-65446Tomy/game has no Sears markings
68Electronic Batter Up BaseballTandem TechRadio Shack 60-2241
69Championship BaseballTandy60-2154Micro Electronics
70Deluxe Electronic 2-Player BaseballTandy60-2164
71Championship Electronic BaseballTandy60-2147Mego I
72Electronic 2-Player BaseballTandy60-2157
732 Player Professional League BaseballTandy/Radio Shack 60-2241ABlk w/ Wht 
742 Player Professional League BaseballTandy/Radio Shack 60-2241BWht w/Blue 
75LCD BaseballTandy/Radio Shack 60-2233
76Talking Head to Head BaseballTiger7-761
77Computer Baseball (Vintage)Tiger 7-480
78Major League HR BlastTiger 
79Digital DiamondTomy 7052
80Digital DiamondTomy Canadian
81Programmable BaseballU.S. Games2002A
82(TRI-1) No mfr identified on box/gameUnidentifiedFonas
83Baseball WizardVtech 
84Talking BaseballVtech 80-0922

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