Mattel - Baseball Canadian Version

Game:  Baseball
Company:  Mattel
Model No.:  2942
Year:  1978
Power: 1 9-volt battery or AC adapter

Notes:  Probably the most recognizable electronic baseball game ever made, Mattel's Baseball introduced an entire generation of children to portable gaming.  This was a game (along with the Mattel Basketball) that was played for countless hours in my childhood.

The game was sold in two different style boxes - the one pictured below is the larger box with a flap on the left side.  This version of the game was packaged in bubble wrap.

The game itself is no different than the version sold in the U.S. and does not have a different model number.

The box is different than the U.S. version in that the text is bilingual.  The instructions are bilingual as well, however, the format is completely different.  The U.S. versions were sold with a booklet-style instruction manual.  The Canadian version is a long, two-sided sheet that is folded like a map.

Box front

Box back

Bilingual instruction sheet

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