Proball - Three Electronic Games in One

Game:  Three Electronic Games in One
Company:  Proball
Year:  1979
Power: (1) 9-Volt battery

This game licensed from Fonas features three game options: All Star Baseball, Batting Champs and Star Chase.

1. All Star Baseball is a straightforward electronic baseball game.

2. Batting Champs is basically a batting practice mode.

3. Star Chase is a mode in which "stars" flash on the screen and you must "send out your chase space ships to intercept and outsmart the computer."  Weird tie-in but appropriate for 1979.  I was most decidedly into baseball and Star Wars at this point in my life and Proball was apparently trying to combine the two.

Note: This game was not known to exist in years past; however, a number of these have recently appeared on eBay so a new old stock supply must have been discovered.

Box front

Box back

Game front

Game back


Battery warning insert

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