Amico - Electronic Baseball

Game:  Electronic Baseball
Company:  Amico 
Model No.: 2025
Year:  ?
Power:  (1) 9-Volt Battery

Notes:  This is a relatively rare game that was sold by Amico around 1980.  Here is a page from their 1980 toy catalog.  

Assuming the game I have is functioning properly, it is actually a pretty boring and annoying game to play.  There is really no strategy or skill involved as the LEDs light up randomly and when the big, orange "PLAY" button is pressed, a single LED lights up for the resulting play.  When the PLAY button is released, the lights begin their random pattern again.  All the while, the game emits a needlessly loud and grating beeping sound.  This may not be too surprising considering that Amico was a division of Kidde, a company that sells smoke alarms.

Further adding to the fun of the game is all of the manual score keeping.  A complete version of this game will include four tiny baserunners.  As you can see below, they are about the size of a dime and would be exceedingly easy to lose.
It does not appear that the game came with instructions other than what was printed on the back of the box and the sticker on the back of the game.
Box front

Box back

Game front

Game front (with players in place)

Game back

Player pieces

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