Bandai - Baseball Game

Game:  Baseball Game
Company:  Bandai
Model No.:  7931
Year:  1978

Notes:  This is one of the first handheld electronic baseball games ever made and it is very rudimentary.  There is not much in the way of strategy or skill here - all the player does is press the button to stop the random flashing light on the particular play outcome.  And you can't even hit a triple.

The person playing is then responsible for keeping track of outs and runs manually.  

This game came in two versions.  The first did not have any mechanism to keep track of the runners on base. How fun! 

The second version added plastic sliders to let the person playing the game at least indicate the men on base.

The initial version came in a larger square-shaped box.  The second version came in a smaller box with a flap. Both have the same model number, with Bandai apparently deciding not to call the improved version a different name or "Baseball 2."  

Anyone else think that is most certainly Hall of Famer and 1977 American League MVP Rod Carew depicted on the box but not so explicitly that Bandai had to pay to use the image?  Hmm.

This game was also licensed to Sears.

Box front

Box back
Game front
Game back

Version II Box front - Note this is now a smaller box and the graphics to the left are on a flap

Version II Box back

Version II Game front - note that sliders have been added to track the base runners

Version II Game back - note that more thorough instructions are now included

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