LJN - Electronic Stadium Baseball

Game:  Electronic Stadium Baseball
Company:  LJN
Model No.:  3011
Year: 1979
Power:  6 D or AC adapter

Notes:  This game had previously been packaged as being manufactured by Micro Electronics and distributed by LJN, with only a sticker on the box indentifying LJN's role in bringing the game to market.

For this issue, the game is simply packaged in a box with new graphics and now omitting any mention of Micro electronics.  The game unit is identical, however, and still shows Micro Electronics on the scoreboard portion of the game.

Box front

Game front (note that the white ring around the pitcher's mound looks to be liquid paper put there by a previous owner)

Here is a review of the game from the December 1979 issue of Creative Computing Magazine:

Electronic Stadium Baseball by
L.J.N. Toys

This stadium-size unit (14" x 10" x 4") requires 6 D cells or a battery eliminator to light its bright scoreboard and sound effects. Each player has just two buttons to press: at bat you have a "hit" and "pinch hitter" key; in the field you have a "pitch" and "relief pitcher" key. 

Unlike other electronic games, strategy is more important than hand/eye coordination. For example, average team players have a batting average of .270 while pinch hitters bat at .400, but you only have three pinch hitters. 

Not as exciting as some of the other games, but not as frustrating either. Any age can use it.

Link: http://archive.org/stream/creativecomputing-1979-12/Creative_Computing_v05_n12_1979_December_djvu.txt


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