Fonas - Baseball

Game:  Baseball
Company:  Fonas
Model No.:  2B-610
Year:  1979
Power:  1 9-volt battery

Notes:  If you remember Fonas at all, it is probably their tethered tennis "Zimm Zamm" game that comes to mind.  Although Fonas was a tethered sports pioneer, the company also marketed handheld electronic games like this game.

According to the box, this game has "More play power than any other computer toy."  Nice job Fonas - that tagline is so awesomely vague.

Fonas ad

Box front

Box back

Game front

Game back


1 comment:

  1. I enjoy it. Works perfectly. Brings back memories. Base stealing,pick offs,tag ups, double plays. Pretty cool for 1976. Graphics aren't there but I don't need that.