Fairchild Channel F - Baseball

Game: Videocart 12 - Baseball
Game System: Fairchild Channel F
Company:  Fairchild
Year: 1977

Notes:  The Fairchild Channel F game system predated the Atari 2600 but was much less popular.  I can't say I've ever seen one in person and I certainly have never played this game so I can't offer much of anything about it but a few scans.  It appears that the box-front artist envisioned the game being played by clowns, however.

Interestingly, the back of the box incorporates the famous double-play combination of Tinker, Evers and Chance in some wordplay and mentions Hall of Famer Dizzy Dean by name.  Dean had last pitched some 30 years earlier and had passed away a few years before this game was issued.  Accordingly, it makes me wonder if the copywriter was trying to skirt intellectual property issues by conjuring dead major leaguers, because EA Sports would probably not consider putting Roger Maris on the cover of MLB 14: The Show nowadays. 

Sometimes this game is listed only as Videocart 12.

Box front
Box back


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