Tomy - Digital Diamond

Game:  Digital Diamond
Company: Tomy
Model No.: 7052
Year:  1978
Power:  2 AA batteries

Notes:  If you were a kid in the 1970s you had this game or knew someone who did.  The pitcher decides whether to throw a ball or strike and the batter decides whether to swing.  If the ball is "hit" the pitcher hit a button to stop the "Play Read Out" located beyond center field.

Although the box makes it look like an LED display, the mechanism is actually a lighted slot machine-like cylinder with the play outcomes printed on it.  When pressed, the Defense button simply stops the cylinder from spinning and shows the resulting play outcome.

Otherwise, the batting player has to manually keep track of the count, number of outs and the base runners.  Additionally, the scoring is manual as well.

Don't you just love how the players on the field and even the base coaches are all squatting?

Box front
Box back

Game front

Game back

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