Galoob - MVP Baseball

Game:  MVP Baseball
Company:  Galoob
Model No.:  5003
Year: 1978
Power: 1 C battery

Notes:  The game is basically push-button operated, with doors that close and open to reveal the play results on little tumblers.  This is the exact same game as Galoob's Mr. Baseball.  

This game came with 4 plastic runners.  Smartly, the manufacturer incorporated a storage compartment into the back of the game to hold these runners. 

The art on this box is awesome - there is a zombie-wearing-clown-paint pitcher with no eyes and a young Robert Redford with super hairy arms (and also wearing clown paint) making a terrific diving stab.

There are two versions of the game:

Version 1 was manufactured in Japan by Toybox.

Box front
Box back

Game front

Game back (sticker used to mark player storage area)
Version 2 was manufactured in Hong Kong.  There is no manfacturer's mark on the game.

Box front - Note player art is different from Version 1, above

Box bottom flap

Box Back

Version 2 Game front 
Game back - note player storage compartment door is embossed 

With plastic players in place

Plastic runner pieces

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  1. had this game in the late 70s n early 80s , pretty good , fun !!! ;D !!