Tiger - Major League Home Run Blast

Game:  Major League Home Run Blast
Company:  Tiger
Model No.:  08-007
Year:  1999
Power:  3 C batteries

Notes:  Issued on the heels of the great home run race of 1998, this game features articulated figures of Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, Cal Ripken, Jr., Nomar Garciaparra, Frank Thomas and Chipper Jones in a home run hitting contest.  This is a unique game in that it is truly a miniature home run derby.

The game I have is sealed so I am reluctant to open it.  Accordingly, I am not terribly sure how the game works other than what is pictured on the box.  I assume that a ball that hits either of the large orange grids or the scoreboard triggers a sensor to count it as a home run on the score board.

The figures that accompany the game are not necessarily the best likenesses of the respective players.  Frank Thomas is easily the best represented.  The Cal Ripken figure honestly looks like it was supposed to be Jeff Bagwell.  Chipper Jones looks uncharacteristically tentative.  Sammy Sosa is wearing a dorky bulbous helmet.  The Nomar Garciaparra impostor looks stone cold serious.  And Mark McGwire looks kind of like Genghis Khan.

Why no Ken Griffey, Jr. you may ask?  Looks like this game was geared towards right-handed sluggers only.  Sorry Junior.

Box front

Box back

Player figure detail from box

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