Coleco - Head-To-Head Baseball

Game: Head-to-Head Baseball
Company:  Coleco
Model No.: 2180
Year: 1980
Power 2 9-volt batteries or AC adapter

Notes:  This game was packaged in two different boxes - the full color pictured below and a later, white box with blue printing.

The instructions shown are written in both English and Spanish and reverse sides of the same book.

Box front

Box back

Game front

Control detail

Box back

Instructions in English
Instructions in Spanish

Manager's Guide in Spanish

FCC Notice included in box


  1. Hi! I'm looking for a particular electronic baseball game that my younger brother played with a lot some time between 1983 and 1991-- it was likely made between those years. I never played it myself, but I frequently heard him playing it. It had a unique announcer voice which would say things like, "It's the American League versus the National League!" and if my brother entered an invalid player number, the announcer would say, "The number is NOT okay!" I would love to find this baseball game again and surprise him with it at the next family reunion . . . do you know which one it is? :)

    1. I think that might be the Parker Brothers Starting Lineup Talking Baseball game. I'll fire mine up and let you know if this is the one you are thinking of.

      Also, check out the photos of the Parker Brothers game and see if that one looks familiar.

  2. had this 1 too , 1980s , fun !!!!! ;D