Fonas - TRI-1

Game:  TRI-1
Company:  Fonas
Model:  T-600
Year:  1979
Power: (1) 9-Volt battery

Notes:  Remember that song/segment from Sesame Street (I think) that went, "Which one of these is not like the other?"  Well that could easily describe this game by Fonas.  There are three game options here: All Star Baseball, Batting Champs and Star Chase.  

1. All Star Baseball is a straightforward electronic baseball game.

2. Batting Champs is basically a batting practice mode.

3. Star Chase is a mode in which "stars" flash on the screen and you must "send out your chase space ships to intercept and outsmart the computer."  Weird tie-in but appropriate for 1979.  I was most decidedly into baseball and Star Wars at this point in my life and Fonas was apparently trying to combine the two.

The box front art is awesome.  Play baseball - save the world.

Box front
Box back

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