Regency - Computer Baseball

Game:  Computer Baseball
Company:  Regency
Model No.: RG-89
Year:  1979
Power:  4 AA Batteries

Notes: This game is shaped like a baseball and the the laces on the surface of the game are raised and painted red.  It is not uncommon to find a well-played game in which the some of the red paint on the laces at the bottom of the game has been rubbed away.

Also, there is a door to cover the pitcher's control buttons that is sometimes missing from a loose version of the game.

The KMart sticker showing a price of $24.88 would be about $80 in today's dollars.

Box front
Box back

Game front


  1. I have one of these games. Is it worth anything? I can't find much information if it is collectable.

    1. I am looking for one of these. I will buy it if you still have it.

  2. Anyone have one for sale? Great game.

  3. I am looking for one of these.