Micro Electronics - Baseball (5 button version)

Game:  Baseball
Company:  Micro Electronics
Model No.:  56-301-06
Year:  1976?
Power:  6 D batteries or AC adapter

Notes:  This is the original version of the Baseball game manufactured by Micro Electronics.  In this version, there is a second "Pitch" button.  Otherwise, game play is identical to the later 4 button version.

There is not any information on the game, box, packing materials or instructions as to the year of manufacture and the hobby's best guess is that this game was first sold around 1976.  It is believed that this is the first LED-based electronic baseball game ever made.

Due to its size, this game is meant to be played on a tabletop.  

The case for the 5 button model comes in two color combinations - the earliest models have a white plastic bottom and the later manufactured games have a blueish-green plastic bottom.  Both have a white plastic top portion.  

It is very common for this game to be found with the white plastic having yellowed. 

The back of the box of this game features a sticker identifying LJN Toys as the game's distributor.

Box front

Box back

Game front

Game bottom - notice white plastic version

Packing materials


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