Emerson - Baseball

Game:  Baseball
Company:  Emerson
Game System: Arcadia 2001
Model No.:  Cart. 15 / Part 1004
Year: 1982

Notes:  Remember how popular the Arcadia 2001 used to be and how everyone on the schoolyard predicted it would overtake the Atari 2600 any day?  Well, I don't either.  

Frankly, I did not know one person with this game system and have no way to test the cartridge that I have  - so who knows how good this game might be to play.

I really dig the cover art, however, for its uber-generic baseball action will such little attention paid to detail. I can only imagine that the company hired the artist to paint the picture from the local high school.  

If you start at the left side on the box front art, you'll see that the artist originally thought this was a football game so he painted a quarterback about to launch a pass but realized that he had the wrong sport!  Luckily, he thought, no one will notice the shoulder pads or football helmet on the "catcher."

Next is the batter who is not even looking at the ball that he is about to hit off the end of the short, fat, (aluminum?) Little League bat.  That one is going to sting. 

Finally, the label on the cartridge shows an exciting play at third in which a huge runner with a disproportionately tiny head is about to slide into the tag - assuming the third baseman will be able to keep a handle on the ball presumably hidden in his flat glove.

Well, at least the visitors look to be staked to a nice lead...

Also released in Canada as Leisure Vision Baseball.     

Box front

Box back

Cartridge front

Cartridge back

Overlay - actually much greener than scanned

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