Entex - Hip Pocket Baseball

Game:  Hip Pocket Baseball
Company:  Entex
Model:  6100
Year:  1979
Power:  2 AA batteries

Notes:  This is a electro-mechanical game that was sold in either black or white versions.  The lever at the top of the game gave the pitcher an option to throw a ball or strike only.  Similar to the standard Entex Baseball issues, a hit ball will make the LEDs light up randomly.  Here, the pitcher hits the "F" (field) button to make the lights stop and to determine the outcome of the play.

Apart from the LEDs flashing to show the play, everything else about this game is manual.  The players have to keep track of balls, strikes and outs with manual sliders and the men on base are activated by the switches seen under the home plate area.

Box front full
Box front - black version
Box back - black version

Game front
Game back

Box front

Box back

Game front

Game back

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